"Back to the Basics"

"Back to the Basics" Intro Course

CrossFit Anomaly is here for YOU!  We have put together a team of coaches who have dedicated their time to helping you.  We believe that CrossFit is for everyone... regardless of your age, gender or current level of fitness.  We do something known as "scaling", both load and intensity, to help you perform the movements safely, effectively and efficiently.  The Intro Course will test you both mentally and physically.  Your body will begin to change.  We strongly encourage you to take "before" and "after" pictures prior to starting this course to measure your results and show off your progress.

During the "Back to the Basics" Intro Course, you will learn how to perform the Fundamental Movements of CrossFit safely and effectively, ensuring a seamless transition into the group workouts.  This course will prepare you for anything we throw at you in a daily WOD ("Workout of the Day"... CrossFit lingo).  The Intro Course will take place in a group setting with other new CrossFitter's, or if requested, one-on-one with a "Back to the Basics" coach.  By offering one-on-one training, we will minimize distractions and be able to pay maximum attention to your individual needs and goals.  This time will also give us a better opportunity to ensure the movements are being performed properly before transitioning into the group workouts. 

Due to the fact that CrossFit Anomaly is a new facility, our programming will primarily focus on the Fundamental Movements of CrossFit for the first 4 weeks.  During this time, athletes with previous CrossFit experience will have the opportunity to reflect back on these movements and become more effective and efficient in every way possible.  


More details on the "Back to the Basics" Intro Course coming soon!